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Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., Author,  Smart Play Smart Toys 

The Central Park Lost Mitten Party  is a great way for children and adults to share an important lesson in life, that all is not lost if we lose something.  ​  The story is bright and memorable, a charming way to think about transforming loss, in beautifully written rhyme. Grownups and children alike will enjoy the beautiful illustrations, and the section at the end of the story, with questions, notes, wonderful details and teachings about the Park, all highlighting the importance of urban public parks.  It is a beautiful book.”  ​ 

Dr. Dena Mandel, Professor of Literature

Everything  inside the magical world of The Central Park Lost Mitten Party  shimmers with joy! The lively illustrations make this splendid tale dance! A perfect story  to be enjoyed not only in winter but throughout  the year! 

Judy Becker, Reader   The illustrations are fabulous by themselves, and even greater when you read the history behind the designs.  

Meredith Gold, Retired Second Grade Teacher

The Central Park Lost Mitten Party is a treat for the imagination of those both young and old(er).  This charming book  takes us through a very common experience- losing a mitten in a park-  into the dreams and and adventures of mittens, toys, and all other lost  items yearning to get home.

The book is gorgeous. Fran Quittel  leads us all around Central Park - New York City's gem - with rhyme,  imagination, inspiration, and beauty. The vivid use primary colors lift  the pictures off each page and bring the book to life!  The rich history of Central Park is well annotated, and the pictures integrate New York City's unique personality.  This book is a must-have for any curious child (or adult) who loves the wonderment of parks and delights in happy endings!

Ellen R.  A Lovely Fantasy for Children and Adults!

I  purchased the book for an upcoming baby shower, and was so happy to  read the story and view the gorgeous artwork when it arrived today.   Congratulations to author Fran Quittel for her beautiful rhymed text,  and to the illustrators for their imaginative drawings.  There is so  much to learn and enjoy here!