The Central Park Lost Mitten Party entertains  and teaches.  READ about the founders of the  Park, the bridges, the benches, the lamps, the sculptures, the Carousel, not to mention how each lamppost lets you  find  your location  ~ east side or west . 


Books listed here include Park Historian Sara Cedar Miller's An American Masterpiece and Conservancy Founder Elizabeth Barlow Rogers' Saving Central Park .  Teaching about the Park increases reading!


Explore Central Park, the Urban Parks Movement, the Trust for Public Land and Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project  at a wide variety of websites, from the Central Park Conservancy to New York's Parks Department and more!


Whether you want to visit the American Museum of Natural History on the West Side or the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the East, this great list of nearby treasures is for you!


Visit the Zoo, or enjoy lunch at the newly restored Loeb Boathouse.   Wear your fancy hat at the annual Frederick Law Olmsted Annual Awards and Fancy Hat Luncheon. Or  nap on one of Central Park's 9,000 benches.


What sits on top of each  Henry Bacon 1910 lamppost? How did Bow Bridge get its name?  Were there really sheep in "Sheep Meadow"?



EXTRA! EXTRA! The First Central Park Squirrel Census Available

If you’ve ever wondered how many squirrels live in New York City’s Central Park, there’s finally an answer: 2,373.  Per the Atlantic's CityLab's Linda Poon: 

That number comes from the first squirrel census of Manhattan’s largest  park, conducted by Jamie Allen and more than 300 volunteers who made it  their mission to count and observe the rodents living in the 843 acres  of green space.

FAO Schwarz at New York's Rockefeller Center!

Since 1862, FAO Schwarz has been the landmark destination for children and their parents worldwide The new FAO invites your inner child to reawaken at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 50th Street and Rockefeller Center!   Big Imagination for Kids of All Ages!  

Central Park in Fall and Winter! Beautiful and BRR! cold!

Come take a look at the magical Fall colors in the Park!

For a constantly updated calendar of Central Park events

Every day, for every age group and interest, Central Park hosts a number of wonderful teaching and learning events.  Click the calendar here

We are making MITTENS!

Don't focus on your lost shoe, glove, or mitten.  Make a puppet with the one that is left behind!