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Book Signing at Yale University


Signed by the Author!

yes, this is where I went to school!

My original field of study was Spanish and  Latin American Literature, French, Latin and German! This is why the notes are so detailed! 

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The Central Park Lost Mitten Party  delights parents, grandparents and teachers who want to introduce beautiful Central  Park to their favorite children!

Inside this Book


The  story of The Central Park Lost Mitten Party  begins at Greywacke Arch in Central Park  

with one  lost glove, and weaves its way through some of Central Park's most 

memorable sculptures, terraces and meadows.  

Notice that the story begins in the "real world," of black and white.

But The Lost Mitten Party  is celebrated in a world ablaze with color in the spectacular settings of  Bethesda Terrace, Gothic Bridge,  Greywacke Arch, Paul Manship's Group of Bears, Belvedere Castle,  the Delacorte Clock, the Carousel, Bow Bridge, and the

 Angel of the Waters and Alice in Wonderland  sculptures.

Here, in  this drawing, the shoes and galoshes are having 

a dance party at the historic Naumburg Bandshell.  

Deep Inside Central Park


Central Park is the first urban landscaped park in the United States and the most visited urban park in the world.   An iconic landmark, the Park exemplifies the urban public parks movement and ways in which big cities can incorporate parks into people's lives.

This particular drawing takes place in delightful Sheep Meadow 

with its beautiful West Side skyline.  

Look carefully!   How do we know the location?   Of course, 

because there are sheep!

This artwork is based on happy memories . . .

Museum admission buttons, library cards, subway tokens and subway cards all happily dancing into the  Central Park of childhood, while the hats on several of the "Lost Mittens" and their companions refer to the hats of the world-famous Radio City Rockettes!